by Cord Himelstein | October 27, 2017
Halloween is here, and that means workplaces around the world are getting ready to cut loose, have some fun with costumes, and let the candy flow like wine. Many workplaces (like ours) have costume contests for Halloween, and everyone is looking for that killer idea. However, not everyone has the time or patience to go all-out.

Well we've got you covered. Here are five office-themed DIY costume ideas that are guaranteed to win friends and influence people:

Water Cooler
Who doesn't want to sidle up next to the old water cooler for a chat? Put on a plain blue shirt and white pants, then attach a stack of Dixie cups to your person and carry around a bottle of water. Dispense a cup and pour your coworkers a refreshing drink throughout the day while encouraging conversations around yourself. Don't forget to make the "glub-glub" sound after each pour.

Remote Worker
Be the envy of your coworkers by dressing up as one of the hottest demographics of the digital age while staying comfortable as one of the most relaxed employees around. All you need is a pair of tasteful pajamas and a laptop to carry with you. Communicating only via email for the day would be unadvisable, but insisting upon it would be funny.

Steve Jobs
Think different and turn heads as the iconic former CEO of Apple Inc. All you'll need is a pair of wire-rim eyeglasses, a black mock-turtleneck tucked into blue jeans, and white sneakers. If you have an iPhone you can pretend you're doing a product reveal every time you check it. For added effect, put your palms together and say things like "Good innovation!" while giving feedback.

Most everyone loves Fridays, so write "FRIDAY" on a plain old shirt and decorate it with some 99-cent party favors, ribbons, glitter, or whatever accoutrements and decorations suit your vision. Team up with four other coworkers and come as the entire work week if you prefer. Either way, you can't go wrong. Announcing "Thank god it's me!" throughout the day is optional.

Your Boss
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so why not show up to work as your boss? Try not to go too overboard, but everyone enjoys a good send-up. Pick out a few iconic features and get creative. Employ wigs and false mustaches. Practice some of his/her mannerisms. Get HR to make you an ID badge. At the very least your interactions for the day will be memorable.

There you have it! Five DIY costume ideas for the office that you can throw together with very little effort -- no need to thank us. From everyone at HALO Recognition, go out there and have a spook-tacular time at your workplace this Halloween!

Cord Himelstein is the vice president of marketing and communications at HALO Recognition. He helps workforces realize limitless potential by communicating engagement fundamentals and emphasizing human interactions, inspiring them to do great things.