by Alex Palmer | December 01, 2018

Incentive planners must work with a diverse group of participants, with a wide range of backgrounds, interests, roles and, of course, award preferences. Connecting with them can be a challenge and requires a nimble approach, not only in the types of awards offered by the way communication is delivered throughout the program and how the individuals are celebrated upon receiving their incentive. To help navigate these questions, Incentive spoke with a number of experts to get their actionable tips on how best to motivate a wide range of individuals. Here's what they had to say.

1. Understand Your Audience
"Prior to the program design, a company should survey its audience to identify what is meaningful to them, what they desire, and what they liked and disliked from past programs they participated in," says Jason McCallum, CIS, managing director of ESG Incentives. "This allows you to customize the program design, delivery and rewards to match the desires of your audience."

2. Develop Audience Personas
Understanding your audience in terms of their personas - the various archetypes they fit into, based on research and individual data - is another key first step to developing a program to motivate your team, according to Tim Gass, creative director of the communication solutions group for ITA Group. "When you work from that foundation, you can ask yourself if each of these personas will find your segmented approach engaging, clear and motivational," he says. "If you can't answer that with confidence, you either need to dig deeper into who they are, or rethink your plan."

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