7 Trends for Pharmaceutical Travel Incentive Programs

by Donna M. Airoldi | March 21, 2017
The industry continues to evolve its travel rewards.

Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding

by Kevin Hinton | March 21, 2017
As calls for isolationism grow, we must advocate for a safe, open, and inclusive world.

Rideau Adds a Carrot to Its Recognition Solutions

by Leo Jakobson | March 20, 2017
A new partnership brings The Carrot Principle authors into Rideau’s education and training offerings.

IRF Research: Incentive Industry Shows Optimism

by Melissa Van Dyke | March 13, 2017
More than one-fourth of respondents feel positive rather than negative about the economy's impact on future programs.

The Importance of Social Recognition

by Jordan Rogers | March 06, 2017
Companies must foster a culture in which employees celebrate together often.

Cirque du Soleil Offers Workshops for Incentive Groups

by Michaela Christensen | March 03, 2017
The customizable options -- "Teambuilding Sessions," "Experiences," and "Notes" -- provide participants with a uniquely rewarding experience.

The Six Most Annoying Types of Coworkers

by Ken Sterling | February 16, 2017
Strategies to deal with each type of difficult coworker.

What Makes Behind-the-Scenes Sports Events Successful

by Matt Alderton | January 24, 2017
From minor league meet and greets to Super Bowl shindigs, behind-the-scenes sporting events are the ultimate group activity. InviteManager's Tony Knopp explains how to win at planning them. 

Strategic Inclusion as a Value Proposition? Absolutely

by Rob Danna | January 23, 2017
Diversity and inclusion should be among your strategic priorities in 2017.

Preston Bailey's Jaw-Dropping Event Design

by Andrea Doyle | December 19, 2016
This veteran designer creates events that engage all the senses

Five Ways to Incorporate Wellness Into Your Meetings and Incentives

by Stephan Meier | December 10, 2016
A healthy attendee is a happy attendee and here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Expanding the ROI of Incentive Programs

by Tina Weede | December 01, 2016
Organizations are looking for new ways to understand and measure the effectiveness of incentive programs.