by Leo Jakobson | September 11, 2013
The Miley Cyrus public relations team’s media savvy isn’t limited to televised twerking, according to an article in yesterday’s USA Today. The racy pop star has been mixing incentives and social media to garner record-breaking attention for her upcoming album Bangerz.

In the lead-up to the Sept. 9 premiere of her racy video for Wrecking Ball on the music video site Vevo, Miley gave her 13.7 million Twitter fans a reason to view early and view often, USA Today reported. If Wrecking Ball broke the 24-hour viewing record on Vevo, she’d reveal the track list for Bangerz. She promptly blew past the old record, besting it by more than 50 percent. She then Tweeted a new goal to her followers — to make Wrecking Ball the No. 1 song on the iTunes charts. If accomplished, she’d release a director’s cut of her previous video, We Can’t Stop, the same song popularized by her recent MTV Video Music Awards performance. 

The key isn’t just providing fans an award, but making them feel like they’re part of her success, the USAToday article argues. It also lists other music/Twitter case studies featuring Lady Gaga and boy band One Direction. 

With incentive planners increasingly trying to find ways to incorporate social in their own programs, and use it to motivate, these musical case studies might be worth a read.