by Leo Jakobson | May 30, 2017

Consumers are notoriously fickle these days, and breaking through the many loyalty offerings to grab their attention and keep it focused on your products or services requires creativity, sincerity, and a well-run program that provides real value to them… and just as importantly, to you.

At 2 pm Eastern on Thursday, June 1, Incentive will host a free webcast in which Barry Kirk, vice president of loyalty solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions, and Gregg O'Neill, Business Development Director for Hinda Loyalty Group, will offer expert insider tips on how to create a truly engaging and effective program in today's highly competitive consumer loyalty marketplace. The session will offer recommendations on how to segment and target your audience, establish the right rewards and benefits, effectively measure program results, and assess which kind of loyalty you are truly earning from your customers.


Barry Kirk brings more than a decade of experience in consulting, customer retention and digital marketing to his role as Vice President of Loyalty Solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions. A sought after speaker and workshop leader, Barry introduced persuasive design and gamification to the loyalty space, and champions the belief that "consumers are human beings first."


Gregg O'Neill, Business Development Director for Hinda Loyalty Group, is an expert in "earn/burn" strategies with more than 20 years experience in the loyalty industry. He is business lead in multiple loyalty verticals at Hinda Loyalty Group. 

WHEN: Thursday, June 1, 2 pm Eastern

WHERE: Register for this free webcast here

WHAT: Incentive webcast -- How to Run a Consumer Loyalty Program

MODERATOR: Leo Jakobson, executive editor, Incentive.