by Andrea Doyle | May 26, 2015

Creating Brand Advocates
Another benefit of gamification is that it creates live engagement to reinforce brand identity. "Not only was there branding done for the event itself but the games we did outside the event will foster community-building 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year," says Moran. "The games created brand advocates who reported on the conference, how much they learned, and how critical it is that others attend." At press time, there were 3,000 members of the online Schneider Electric collaborative community.

Attendees were encouraged to use the mobile app to earn points throughout the conference, which gathered together customers, partners, and employees from the Schneider Electric's Global Solutions - Cloud Services division. The group of 400, made up of 300 customers and partners and 100 employees, gathered at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO where they took over all the guest rooms and meeting space.

Attendees earned 20 points by connecting with colleagues  and entering their three-digit badge numbers into the game. Another game had them visiting each station, where they would scan or enter codes for 40 points. A Tweet sent from inside the app, uploading a photo, or adding an event to My Schedule was worth 10 points. Surveys taken in the app were worth 20 points; overall survey responses increased nearly 40 percent.

Two games -- #connections and I-cubed -- were available to all registered members of the online Schneider Electric community. The hashtag #connections was given to attendees to use when updating their status about how they were connecting with peers or the technology. I-cubed reinforced the foundations of the conference's theme: "I network. I learn. I succeed." The best I-cubed themed comments received prizes.

QuickMobile provided the mobile app for the event, as well as the core game mechanics for the in-app games. A mandate Schneider Electric had was to keep it simple. "If you're going to gamify an event, the point of entry must be very non-prohibitive," says Moran.


Schneider Electric's user conference
attendees benefited from gamified
networking challenges using the
mobile event app

Not only were tangible awards given but non-tangible ones as well. Within the game itself, participants could earn badges as they rose on the leaderboard. "Those badges became sources of pride to show to other members of the community," touts Moran.

The gamification program ultimately created deeper ties within the community. "Plus, it extended the reach of the conference to the more than 3,000 members in the broader online collaborative community," Moran adds.

This conference has been held annually for more than 10 years and it was time to infuse something a bit different, he adds. "Although the games were fun, they had a real business focus from our side. The attendees were adamant in their response to the game series -- they want it back and they want it bigger for next year," enthuses Moran.

All the goals that were set for the gamification experience were accomplished. They were as follows: to expand attendee exposure to new offers and get them to learn about new products that were recently released; to create customer connection -- to get customers talking to customers; and to drive community participation.

The investment to add gamification was reasonable. "There wasn't a high point of entry. We did it out of the box, taking a straightforward approach," Moran explains.