by Alex Palmer | May 07, 2013
A new consumer incentive campaign from wholesome snack and cereal brand Barbara’s offers shoppers prizes with an environmental twist. The brand, best known for its popular Puffins line of cereals, launched its largest multi-channel, instant-win contest.

Called Discover Puffins, the promotion is aimed at raising awareness of the Puffins cereal by bringing attention to the puffin seabird, the inspiration behind the brand. Shoppers who participate in the contest will have the chance to win a range of prizes, including a trip to Maine, while also helping to support the restoration effort Project Puffin.

The campaign, which runs through June 30, is promoted across Barbara’s marketing channels, including in-store display shippers, tear-pads offering $1-off coupons, and banner call-outs on every Puffins product. Discover Puffins will also be promoted online through digital ads running on parenting, natural, organic, and green-living outlets inviting visitors to enter the contest.

"We believe that natural and organic consumers are becoming more sensitive to the environment around them and Discover Puffins provides us the chance to delight them even more beyond just our delicious products," says Marc Walkin, assistant brand manager for Barbara's. "We are also interested in building an even stronger correlation to puffins, birds which were close to extinction in the early 1900s. We thought this was a natural tie in to participate in the cause."

Walkin added that Barbara’s has always been green-oriented, using 100-percent recycled packaging among other environmental efforts. 
Shoppers can also enter via Facebook or in-store by using their smartphones to scan an on-pack QR code, which directs them to the Discover Puffins microsite. At the microsite, individuals can answer trivia questions about colorful birds and can see if they won one of the contest’s 10,000 prizes. These prizes include tote bags, coupons, and puffins “adopted” in their names through Project Puffin. Entrants will also have a chance to win the four-day, three-night Maine vacation, which includes a puffin adventure excursion.

The Project Puffin program has been run by the National Audubon Society since 1973. It researches how and works to restore puffins to their historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine. Those who adopt a puffin receive certificates of adoption and Project Puffin books, along with biographies of their individual puffins — including details on recent behavior, nesting, and other activities.