Amtrak Revamps Loyalty Program

by Alex Palmer | August 31, 2015
No more blackout dates and simpler redemption were top rider priorities.

Airlines Put the Squeeze on Loyalty

by Deanna Ting | July 28, 2015
As airline loyalty programs continue to evolve, are they fostering more disloyalty than loyalty?

A Sticky Transition

by Vincent Alonzo | July 28, 2015
Making loyalty stick is one of the most difficult goals for a company to achieve.

Prepaid Cards Are Top Motivators for Consumers Using Subscription Services

by Deanna Ting | June 04, 2015
When it comes to choosing a provider for Internet, cable TV, mobile phone, and streaming services, incentives can make a difference says a new study.

Potential Growth for Travel Consumer Loyalty Programs

by Alex Palmer | June 02, 2015
While airline loyalty looks strong, there remains plenty room for expanding loyalty membership among hotels, a new report finds.

How Gamification Is Engaging Consumers and Developing Brand Awareness

by Andrea Doyle | May 26, 2015
A closer look at how gamification is engaging consumers and developing brand awareness.

Return Policy Key to Consumer Loyalty

by Alex Palmer | February 06, 2015
A new study highlights the importance consumers put on easy return policies at stores.

'Connectivity' Is a Major Online Motivator

by Alex Palmer | November 14, 2014
A new global study finds that online consumer behavior is motivated by "connecting with other people."

'Expert Advice' Drives Consumer Loyalty Among Millennials

by Alex Palmer | October 10, 2014
A new study suggests that the key to attracting Millennials to consumer loyalty incentive programs is to offer expertise.

Building Customer Loyalty, One Cup at a Time

by Deanna Ting | January 26, 2014
At the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, customer loyalty and engagement starts with a cup of Joe.

Hotel Loyalty Programs Boost Revenue

by Alex Palmer | December 10, 2013
A new study shows the important value of loyalty programs for hotels.

Tongue-Wagging Twitter Incentives From Miley Cyrus Demonstrate the Motivational Power of Social Media

by Leo Jakobson | September 11, 2013

The controversy-stirring celebrity uses incentives to promote her new album

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