HSBC Generates Loyalty With AI

by Leo Jakobson | June 18, 2018
The bank used artificial intelligence to boost customer use of rewards points.

Consumer Loyalty Programs Growing Fast

by Leo Jakobson | April 23, 2018
The consumer loyalty management market will triple in value over the next five years.

June 1 Webcast: How to Run a Consumer Loyalty Program

by Leo Jakobson | May 30, 2017
Expert tips creating an engaging and effective program in the highly competitive consumer loyalty marketplace.

Maritz Motivation Solutions Partners With TPG to Offer Mobile Receipt Capture to Loyalty Programs

by Andrea Doyle | April 19, 2017
Maritz has partnered with TPG Rewards to allow marketers to build customer loyalty at the point of sale.

Loyalty Program Fraud a Growing Concern

by Leo Jakobson | November 23, 2016
Billions of dollars in unredeemed loyalty points should be protected like bank accounts -- but aren't.

8 Questions to Ask About Your Loyalty Program

by Phil Seward | October 27, 2016
The rules of a successful customer engagement program.

The Future of Loyalty Is Flexibility

by Danielle Brown | August 19, 2016
As membership to loyalty programs climbs, businesses find that flexibility is essential.

New Guide Educates Planners About Consumer Loyalty

by Leo Jakobson | July 11, 2016
"The Insider's Guide to Customer Loyalty" by Maritz Motivation Solutions is a good starting point.

How to Strengthen Customer Loyalty Through 'Customer Experience'

by Tina Bacon-DeFrece | June 09, 2016
It is six to seven times more expensive for a business to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

4 Steps to Engage a Niche Audience

by Marie Chevrier | February 05, 2016
In order to differentiate their product, companies have started focusing on niche marketing.

Consumers Are Overlooking Loyalty Fraud

by Alex Palmer | October 07, 2015
A new study suggests consumers should be paying more attention to potential loyalty program fraud than they are.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Launching a Loyalty Program

by Barry Kirk | September 29, 2015
Loyalty marketing has its own language that  you must know before you embark on a new program.
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