Maritz Motivation Solutions Partners With TPG to Offer Mobile Receipt Capture to Loyalty Programs

by Andrea Doyle | April 19, 2017
Maritz has partnered with TPG Rewards to allow marketers to build customer loyalty at the point of sale.

Loyalty Program Fraud a Growing Concern

by Leo Jakobson | November 23, 2016
Billions of dollars in unredeemed loyalty points should be protected like bank accounts -- but aren't.

8 Questions to Ask About Your Loyalty Program

by Phil Seward | October 27, 2016
The rules of a successful customer engagement program.

The Future of Loyalty Is Flexibility

by Danielle Brown | August 19, 2016
As membership to loyalty programs climbs, businesses find that flexibility is essential.

New Guide Educates Planners About Consumer Loyalty

by Leo Jakobson | July 11, 2016
"The Insider's Guide to Customer Loyalty" by Maritz Motivation Solutions is a good starting point.

How to Strengthen Customer Loyalty Through 'Customer Experience'

by Tina Bacon-DeFrece | June 09, 2016
It is six to seven times more expensive for a business to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

4 Steps to Engage a Niche Audience

by Marie Chevrier | February 05, 2016
In order to differentiate their product, companies have started focusing on niche marketing.

Consumers Are Overlooking Loyalty Fraud

by Alex Palmer | October 07, 2015
A new study suggests consumers should be paying more attention to potential loyalty program fraud than they are.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Launching a Loyalty Program

by Barry Kirk | September 29, 2015
Loyalty marketing has its own language that  you must know before you embark on a new program.

Amtrak Revamps Loyalty Program

by Alex Palmer | August 31, 2015
No more blackout dates and simpler redemption were top rider priorities.

Airlines Put the Squeeze on Loyalty

by Deanna Ting | July 28, 2015
As airline loyalty programs continue to evolve, are they fostering more disloyalty than loyalty?

A Sticky Transition

by Vincent Alonzo | July 28, 2015
Making loyalty stick is one of the most difficult goals for a company to achieve.