by Roy Saunderson | August 18, 2014
We often expect managers and employees to automatically be able to give great recognition to those they work with. But people often make excuses for why they don't give recognition: they don't have enough time, they don't know, they have work demands, et cetera.

Why should you give recognition to employees? What's in it for you? Why should you acknowledge people for what they're doing or express appreciation? Here are ten great reasons.
1. A healthier heart. Findings from the Institute of Heart Math clearly show that people who are more reflective on gratitude and actively express appreciation to others have more rhythmic heartbeats than those who do not.
2. Less stress, greater psychological well-being. Dr. Jean-Pierre Brun from the Université Laval, Quebec, discovered that the second highest cause of workplace stress right after one's workload is a lack of receiving recognition.
3. More positive relationships with employees.
 There is a cool factor behind being a great recognizer of people -- those around you will like you more and you'll benefit from developing positive friendships at work.
4. Greater productivity.
 Recognition should never be given for any ulterior or manipulative purpose. Research continues to show that happy, appreciated people produce more and better results, so give recognition whenever it's valid and appropriate.  
5. Employee retention.
 Engaged employees tend to stick around longer. The harsh reality is that almost one in five employees actually leave their places of employment due to insufficient recognition.
6. Recruiting new employees.
 Word of mouth travels fast. When an organization gets recognition right and values the contributions and work of their employees, it becomes a magnet for attracting excellent new employees.
7. Increased sales.
 Evidence suggests that sales results can double when specific targeted behaviors are reinforced and recognition givers learn how to deliver great recognition.
8. Benefits at home.
 One more great reason for learning how to give recognition and appreciation at work is that these same skills can be applied in your home and community.
9. Increased leadership.
 Those individuals who master the art and science of giving authentic and meaningful recognition can become leaders in their organizations because they know the value of their people.
10. It just plain feels good to give recognition.
 The more you learn to become a great recognizer in the workplace, the more you'll discover how it genuinely feels good to lift the spirits and potential of those you work with. Try it and find out!