by Razor Suleman | April 24, 2012
What kind of recruiting strategy should your business adopt to appeal to millennials? The secret lies within the people in your human resources department and their ability to think like a marketing team. As proven in the recent Class of 2012 study conducted by Achievers and Experience Inc., employers must consider how their organization’s brand and messaging resonates with future candidates, and understand how your online presence can either attract or deter applicants. The Class of 2012 study polled approximately 8,000 students across the country to uncover what recruits, retains, and inspires millennials. The findings can help employers design and implement effective recruitment strategies for their future workforce.

A key aspect of an effective recruitment strategy is understanding where millennials will search for their first jobs. The Class of 2012 study results showed:
- 88 percent of Millennials will apply directly to the company
- 73 percent will utilize career services at their individual campuses 

The first important takeaway is that organizations must ensure that their company brand and culture, as well as employment opportunities, are reflected accurately on their websites. Since millennials are overwhelmingly going directly to the source, company websites should be user-friendly and engaging enough to attract repeat visits. Your company also needs to clearly communicate your vision, values, and mission so that candidates understand the organization’s journey and evaluate whether it aligns with their professional interests and goals.
In regards to culture, the website should highlight your organization’s unique perks and benefits, accurately portray the office environment, and deliver inspiring employee testimonials to showcase career progression. Company culture is typically hidden within a website, so companies need to ensure it is at the forefront. Your organization will save valuable recruiting resources if candidates can identify themselves as "culture fits" prior to applying for jobs. If candidates believe your organization will be a perfect fit, then they most likely will pursue employment, and you will therefore attract the more relevant candidates.

The second takeaway is that organizations need a strong, credible presence within the university system to attract millennials who are job searching while they are still in school. If your organization doesn't have a strong presence within campus career services, other connected organizations will gain the advantage of seeming like desirable workplaces. Reaching out to universities with your consistent brand messaging will help position your company as a top employer, and also encourage campus services to better promote your organization and opportunities to job seekers. 

How your business portrays itself is not only an important factor when appealing to your target markets and pleasing your clients, but also speaks to your ability to target your future revenue generators. The Class of 2012 study has revealed the ways millennials will search for jobs to help you develop a more effective recruitment strategy. Now it’s up to your organization to tailor your brand and messaging to attract the top talent. You need to fish where the fish are biting, so pay special attention to the power of your company branding on your website and within the university systems.