Razor Suleman

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Top Talent

by Razor Suleman | January 02, 2013
It's critical now, more than ever, to focus on ways to keep your top talent for the long term.

The Power of Consistent Recognition

by Razor Suleman | September 30, 2012
Recognition programs simply won't work, or motivate employees, unless there's consistency.

How to Win the War for Talent: Recruit, Retain, and Inspire

by Razor Suleman | July 23, 2012
Investing in keeping the talent you have is far more cost effective than having to tap into shrinking, expensive talent pools

Are You a Desirable Workplace for the Class of 2012 and Beyond?

by Razor Suleman | April 24, 2012
What kind of recruiting strategy should your business adopt to appeal to millennials?

How Great Managers Are Also Great Coaches

by Razor Suleman | March 26, 2012
Work is a lot like sports. Like star players who need a good coach, high-performing employees need a manager who coaches them to success.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Every Boss's List

by Razor Suleman | January 26, 2012
Consider these New Year’s Resolutions to create a culture of recognition where employees drive results.

Recognize the Journey, Reward the Results

by Razor Suleman | December 20, 2011
When it comes to workplace trends, more and more businesses are moving away from the 9 to 5 workday in an effort to boost business performance and put more emphasis on employees' results.

Global Rewards and Recognition Bridge the Gaps of a Dispersed Workforce

by Razor Suleman | November 30, 2011
Whether you're a part of an international organization or on the verge of expansion there are many obstacles to consider when it comes to your workforce. Transparency, corporate alignment, and cultural differences are only a few of the challenges global businesses encounter.

Forget Employee of the Month and Focus on Employee of the Moment

by Razor Suleman | October 24, 2011
Why have an "Employee of the Month" when you can have an "Employee of the Moment"?

The Third Dimension of Employee Engagement: Customer-Driven Recognition

by Razor Suleman | September 01, 2011
A truly successful rewards and recognition program must reach outside your company's walls

Driving Performance in an Evolved Workforce

by Razor Suleman | July 26, 2011
How you can ensure that your company is embracing the demands of the current workplace and move away from archaic recognition techniques.

Training Managers in the Art of Recognition

by Razor Suleman | June 17, 2011
Recognition is a critical part of the workplace relationship, and with a little guidance it can be used to ensure that employees don't feel the need to leave at all.
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