Geraldine Gatehouse

Give Back, Get Back: Getting Down to Business

by Geraldine Gatehouse | November 21, 2011
As an industry, we have the opportunity to become leaders in sustainability and corporate social responsibility and make our industry known for its positive contributions.

Give Back, Get Back: Incentive Travel Is Back, and CSR Is Looking Good

by Geraldine Gatehouse | October 17, 2011
Columnist Geraldine Gatehouse interviews industry-leading principals to find how CSR incentive programs are gaining momentum.

Give Back, Get Back: Sustainable Communications Help Nonprofits Thrive

by Geraldine Gatehouse | June 30, 2011
It is heartening whenever we see major corporations help nonprofits. Citi Group did just that, through Citi Community Development, to augment communications capabilities for them.
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