by Brian Dodds, CRP | March 03, 2014
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Brian Dodds, CRP

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Q: Why should I attend professional conferences?

A:  This a legitimate and important question to ask, with so many events dedicated to addressing critical issues from a range of perspectives each year. The costs associated with attending, including travel, lodging, and conference registration, not to mention, most importantly, the investment of time, make the decision to attend any one or more events a significant one. 
In today’s virtual business place, information can be found 24/7 as needed. What can’t be found is human interaction or collisions. The chance to absorb knowledge while rubbing shoulders and being in conversation with industry peers is invaluable. These close encounters allow for information to be contextualized and challenged before heading into application on the job. Collaborating and meeting with peers is true benchmarking in 2014. Don’t miss out!

About Our Expert: Brian Dodds, CRP, is president of Recognition Professionals International (RPI) and is vice president of indirect sales at Relying on infectious curiosity and a background in both philosophy and psychology, Dodds develops reward, recognition, incentive, and influence programs that are highly customized for each individual client. Dodds was recognized with the 2012 Howell Excellence in Education Award and the 2011 RPI Spotlight Award. While helping clients is No. 1 on his to-do list, a close second is giving back to the industry and helping a much larger audience who are interested in the best way to influence and engage their employees, channel partners, and consumers. Dodd speaks regularly to associations and has facilitated recognition training for a wide variety of companies. 

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