by Brian Dodds, CRP | October 14, 2013
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Brian Dodds

Every week, we feature a piece of expert advice from a certified recognition professional (CRP) from Recognition Professionals International, an industry association dedicated solely to understanding, improving, and advancing employee recognition & rewards in the workplace.

Q: I sent an e-card, but my team says it isn’t enough? What should I do now?

A: We hear this more often as more companies install software solutions for recognition. Many believe they can impact employee engagement and provide quality recognition simply by having more automated tools. But automation is a double-edged sword. It can make it easy, but too easy equals “inauthentic.” Don’t get me wrong — e-cards are not bad. They help our time-constrained managers say thanks at unprecedented rates. But electronic communication is a bit utilitarian, and lacks a genuineness and human feeling. Because of this “ease of use” syndrome we see an increasing need for manager training on how to do recognition right. 

So, consider following up the “tech response” with a handwritten note, or a kind word, in person. Simply mentioning the e-card while at a meeting in front of the recipient’s peers is sure to impact your employees, too. 

About Our Expert: Brian Dodds, CRP is president of Recognition Professionals International (RPI) and is vice president at Symbolist. Relying on infectious curiosity and a background in both philosophy and psychology, Dodds develops reward, recognition, incentive, and influence programs that are highly customized for each individual client. Dodds was recognized with the 2012 Howell Excellence in Education Award and the 2011 RPI Spotlight Award. While helping clients is No. 1 on his to-do list, a close second is giving back to the industry and helping a much larger audience who are interested in the best way to influence and engage their employees, channel partners, and consumers. Dodd speaks regularly to associations and has facilitated recognition training for a wide variety of companies.