by Brian Dodds, CRP | January 06, 2014
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Brian Dodds, CRP

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Q: Is it possible to have a meaningful employee recognition program at no cost?

A: I just heard the air go out of all you resource providers reading this post. Here we go again. Truth is that the stuff you do when you are not getting paid is the stuff that comes from your heart. This low-level peer recognition is the early warning signal of your culture. You better pay attention. Although the proverbial eCard may not show up on the cost center ledger, its lack of use is costing you hidden expenses on your engagement score. Usage here is where the some of the most valuable information on positive employee performance lies. It won’t show you negatives – (who recognizes for that?) – so you can’t use it as a performance evaluation tool – but it can be seen as way to uncover exceptional performance. Healthy workplaces are full of people who share their burdens and successes. If there is no sharing, then it will ultimately cost you. 

About Our Expert: Brian Dodds, CRP is president of Recognition Professionals International (RPI) and is vice president at Symbolist. Relying on infectious curiosity and a background in both philosophy and psychology, Dodds develops reward, recognition, incentive, and influence programs that are highly customized for each individual client. Dodds was recognized with the 2012 Howell Excellence in Education Award and the 2011 RPI Spotlight Award. While helping clients is No. 1 on his to-do list, a close second is giving back to the industry and helping a much larger audience who are interested in the best way to influence and engage their employees, channel partners, and consumers. Dodd speaks regularly to associations and has facilitated recognition training for a wide variety of companies. 

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