September 20, 2013
Mark Barbee_Ask_the_Experts
Mark Barbee
Every week, we feature a piece of expert advice from a certified recognition professional (CRP) from Recognition Professionals International, an industry association dedicated solely to understanding, improving, and advancing employee recognition & rewards in the workplace.

Q: I'm just getting started with workforce recognition in my organization. What types of programs should I implement first? 

A: When getting started with strategic recognition, it’s important to build a solid foundation and that includes training managers on effective recognition principles, and designing programs that are linked to the company’s strategy and important outcomes. Building a scalable recognition program portfolio would include day-to-day, informal, and formal programs. 

Therefore, you might consider beginning with a basic day-to-day, peer-driven recognition program, an informal but loosely structured on-the-spot program that provides tools to managers to recognize important behaviors, and a formal program such as a Chairman’s Award even to acknowledge top performers. This type of portfolio approach ensures that recognition is accessible to all, is cost efficient, empowers managers, and creates role models for the organization by showcasing top achievers.

About Our Expert: Mark Barbee, CRP, is the immediate past president of Recognition Professionals International and serves as vice president, account group leader for Maritz. Mark Barbee profit and loss responsibility for all of the non-automotive accounts within Maritz Motivation. He is directly responsible for sales, account management, client services, creative services, technology, and all program operations. His experience in the reward and recognition industry spans more than 25 years, and includes work with multiple Fortune 100 companies in a variety of industries. In addition to serving as the immediate past president of Recognition Professionals International (RPI), he has also served on RPI’s Executive Board for the past three years.