September 24, 2012
Every year, Incentive convenes a panel of experienced professionals from every sector of the industry to talk about the state of the incentive business, from perception and the need to show ROI, to the growing acceptance of luxury travel programs and the effect of millennials on program planning and award choices. And, of course all the latest merchandise and gift card awards.

Incentive’s 11th Annual Industry Roundtable is featured in our September 2012 cover story. The insight this group of 11 industry leaders provided will make your programs, and your business, more effective and successful.

This year, we asked each member of Incentive’s 11th Annual Industry Roundtable to sit down for short video interview about some of the top issues affecting the incentive industry from their perspective. Below is our exclusive interview with Dave Peer, President of Hinda Incentives, and President of the Board of Directors of the Incentive Marketing Association.