by Leo Jakobson | October 22, 2012
Lands’ End Business Outfitters ( has released the results of its “2012 Holiday Business Gift Survey,” which found that 63 percent of companies plan to buy employees holiday gifts, and 52 percent plan to do the same for clients. 

In both cases, most plan on spending about the same amount as they did in 2011 — under $50 in the case of employees, and less than $25 for clients, although one-third of respondents is planning to spend $25 to $50 on clients.

For employees, the top gift items are gift cards (27 percent), apparel (25 percent), food (22 percent), and holiday cash bonuses (17 percent); for clients the top awards are food (28 percent), bags/totes (19 percent), apparel (18 percent), and gift cards (17 percent). 

“The holidays are a great time to express gratitude and thank business partners and employees,” says John Maher, senior vice president, Lands’ End Business Outfitters. “We found in our survey that almost two-thirds of employees would rather receive a gift than have a holiday party.”

Like many business gift surveys, Land’s End also asked respondents about the oddest holiday gifts they have received form bosses and partners.

Among the best responses for a gift from a business partner were: a toilet plunger decorated in Christmas items; a one-foot long fat pencil; and a battery-powered back scratcher. Gifts from the respondents’ own bosses have included a four-foot stuffed plush panther; a clock made from a tool; venison sausage gifted to a vegetarian; and wrapping paper.