by Leo Jakobson | November 16, 2010
In 2009, we reported that a lot fewer companies’ incentive programs included corporate and/or business gifts. This year, it’s more of the same. 
Most notably, the number of respondents to Incentive's 2010 Corporate Gift IQ survey who said that corporate or business gifts are part of their incentive programs dropped substantially, going from nearly 82 percent to 66.7 percent. And the number of companies spending less on gifts stayed relatively stable, at about 60 percent. 

As for who received those gifts, the percentage of employees increased slightly, but in every other category it was down—customers/clients, prospects, and suppliers/partners by about 10 percent. 

To compare this year’s responses with last year’s, download a copy of the 2009 Corporate Gift IQ report here.

And, finally, a selection of answers from our two favorite questions of the year, which do not lend themselves to charts:
What was the best corporate gift you have ever received?
Stunning lamp statue
Bose Wave Radio
An entertainment center with a HDTV
Cash / beer
Tickets to the U.S. Open tennis tournament
$50 Victoria's Secret gift card
What was the worst corporate gift you have ever received?
Cheap luggage with a big logo on it 
Bad greeting card
Address labels with the wrong name
A tie tack for a company anniversary - and I am a woman!
A pen with my name misspelled
Miniature fertility god masks