by Leo Jakobson | June 07, 2016
Maritz Motivation Solutions has developed a new, interactive game for the Oculus Rift headset, which went on sale in early May. The highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) goggles immerse the user in a 3D virtual world. 

Maritz's two-minute game, Awards Aviator, has players navigating a space ship through a virtual alien landscape, collecting gems (and earning rewards points) by simply turning their head to control the direction the craft flies. The view is like a "first-person" video game, out the eyes of the pilot, and there are no crashes -- hitting terrain features just delays the player. During a recent program at an automotive parts manufacturing plant, one participant commented, "I was pretty surprised by how natural it felt."

A leaderboard tracks each participant's performance, and the game is ported live to a large screen so all participants who have earned a turn (and others) can watch. 

With a Maritz representative bringing the gear and running the game on-site at a client's facility, about 15 people per hour can play. Awards can be based on points earned, or given to a number of top winners, however the company running the incentive award wants it.