by Leo Jakobson | March 01, 2018
When it comes to selecting the right incentive award, research shows clearly that giving people something that they want but cannot justify buying on their own is the right way to go. What that thing is varies from person to person, and can range from a big TV or a high end vacuum to a new grill or steaks to cook on it. Some things, like watches and sunglasses, appeal to almost everyone. But one thing that does not vary, however, is that to motivate, the award must be a brand name item. This is where the trophy value comes in: an incentive should be something people desire, and almost no one dreams about a generic item. You don't wish you could afford a vacuum, you want a Dyson, and that's where the motivation to work harder, to sell more, comes from. Getting that award right, however, is tricky

Join Incentive at 2 pm ET on Thursday, April 5 for a free webinar, The Power of Brand Name Merchandise and learn from two experienced incentive award specialists from leading industry companies -- Mike Donnelly, president of Hinda Incentives, and Paul Gordon, senior vice president of sales for Rymax Marketing Services -- how brand name drives trophy value, and how that in turn drives motivation and success. Topics will include picking the right award, marketing it to the people you need to motivate, and presenting awards to get the most bang for your buck.

Webinar: The Power of Brand Name Merchandise

When: Thursday, April 5, 2 pm ET

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