by Alex Palmer | April 10, 2015
Organizations now have a wealth of new initiatives to potentially tap for their engagement efforts. Boston-based engagement platform WeSpire announced the launch of its new Behavioral Project Library, which offers hundreds of projects targeted to themes like sustainability, wellness, and corporate social responsibility. Organizations using the WeSpire platform can now incorporate these initiatives into their engagement program to create a customized and specially timed offering for workers.

The library is built around the concept that it is harder than ever for an organization to cut through the distractions of the workplace when trying to engage workers. Drawing on human behavior techniques and industry research, the platform offers content to employees based on such triggers as "relevant timing," "actionable content" (keeping the information simple and focused), and "variety and intrigue" (keeping the information interesting). 

For example, a worker could review the project "Happiness at Work," which explains to the worker the value of a work/life balance as they returned from vacation and are feeling the positive effects of time off. Or they might be encouraged to view "Green on the Go" about ways to save energy and resources close to Earth Day.
"Industry research is starting to emerge that supports the need for behavioral-based technology that unites a workforce and builds company culture," said Susan Hunt Stevens, co-founder and CEO of WeSpire, in a statement. "That core acumen can foster sustainable high performance with employees working toward a common goal - whether it be sustainability efforts or improvement in employees' overall well-being."

The company's own research has formed the basis of the program, aimed at understanding how workers identify with company directives and interact with others in the organization. Based on the company's goals, the Behavioral Project Library will recommend specific content or timing, delivered through the WeSpire employee engagement platform. 

"The Behavioral Project Library is an easy way for companies to quickly launch their engagement programs," said Tim Noetzel, director of product at WeSpire, in a statement. "We understand that personalization is the key to behavior change and have designed the platform to deliver the highest levels of personalization proven to increase motivation to participate in the initiative. Actions leverage behavioral triggers and are delivered to individual employees at the right time, and on any device, so employees become enlightened to company initiatives in a meaningful way."

More information about the program can be found here.