by Alex Palmer | May 11, 2015
A new white paper from Quantum Workplace has identified the top 10 cities for employee engagement. But while it found pockets of enthusiastic workers, the report found a decrease in worker engagement overall.

The "2015 Employee Engagement Trends" report, which drew on the responses of more than 440,000 workers at almost 5,500 organizations, found just 65.9 percent of respondents felt they were engaged. This is the lowest that number has been since Quantum began the study five years ago.

Part of this shift in engagement may relate to decreasing confidence felt by workers toward their employers. More than 20 percent of respondents expressed uncertainty about nine of 37 different positive attributes of their organization. These included "We have benefits not typically available at other organizations" (31.5 percent uncertain), "I know how I fit into the organization's future plans" (24.6 percent uncertain), "If I contribute to the organization's success, I know I will be recognized (22.5 percent), and "The organization makes investments to make me more successful" (22.3 percent).

Overall, Quantum cited three top areas for improving worker confidence: (1) Commitment to Valuing Employees (through recognition, compensation, or career advancement); (2) Benefits and Compensation; and (3) Global Information (providing workers with clear, consistent information about the larger organization).

But engagement challenges were not universal. The report drilled down into employee engagement on the regional level, and fond that western states actually saw worker engagement rise by 2.4 percent (though all other regions saw a slight decrease). The report also determined the highest levels of engagement among individual cities. It determined that the most engaged cities in the U.S. are:

1. Nashville (75.2 percent)
2. Sacramento, CA (72.7 percent)
3. Huntsville, AL (71.9 percent)
4. Washington, D.C. (71.9 percent)
5. Miami-Dade, FL (71.5 percent)
6. Atlanta (71.3 percent)
7. New York City (70.1 percent)
8. Birmingham, AL (69.9 percent)
9. Austin (69.5 percent)
10. Tampa, FL (69.3 percent)

Readers can see the complete report by going here.