by Matt Alderton | October 03, 2012
Meeting professionals have a new incentive to plan family-friendly meetings: Over half of U.S. business travelers (52 percent) admit to inviting family to join them while away on business, according to a new survey by Wyndham Hotel Group, the results of which were released yesterday.

According to Wyndham, only 16 percent of business travelers say trips are only about work. For the remaining 84 percent, then, personal time is an important component of business travel — and meeting planners should take note.

In addition to inviting family members on their business trips, 48 percent of U.S. business travelers admitted to extending a business trip to include leisure time while 32 percent said they view business trips as an opportunity to explore a new city or area.

"Among all business travelers, close to half (46 percent) have extended a trip to include leisure time in the past, while a quarter (25 percent) always include some personal time when traveling for business," reads a press release from Wyndham, which also surveyed business travelers in the United Kingdom, Canada, China and Brazil. Chinese travelers, it found, were the most likely to blend business and pleasure while traveling. British travelers were the least likely to do so.