by Leo Jakobson | April 10, 2018
For incentive programs to work, the awards have to be aspirational. That is, they have to be something that the participants want but can't justify buying on their own. And nobody daydreams about having a watch or sunglasses or a TV  they dream about a Citizen Watch, Maui Jim sunglasses, or a Sony TV. It's the brand that makes an award aspirational, not merely the item. It provides what incentive industry experts call trophy value.

This is the topic of a free new Incentive webinar now available on The Power of Brand Name Merchandise. Featuring two highly experienced experts -- Mike Donnelly, president of Hinda Incentives, and Paul Gordon, senior vice president of sales for Rymax Marketing Services -- this webinar will teach you everything you need to know to get the most bang for your buck from a merchandise incentive program.

"There's an old saying, you are the company you keep, and that couldn't be more true than in an incentive or loyalty program," says Donnelly in the webinar. "The awards a program sponsor is offering are a clear signal to your participants of the importance and value you place on the program, and of their efforts in your program."

That's one reason the topics covered in they webinar -- including picking the right award, marketing it to the people you need to motivate, and presenting awards for the biggest impact -- are so vital.

Noting that it is human nature to want to be recognized, Gordon says that "when someone gets a product because they achieved a certain goal, and they bring that home, there's a pride instilled that trickles down to the family members as a reflection of the brand and the company they work for."

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