by Leo Jakobson | February 07, 2018

Performance improvement firm Paragon Performance Group is rebranding as it launches a new engagement diagnostics tool designed to uncover and close the gap between employees' expectations and what they experience.

On Feb. 7, the newly named Peerless Performance, based in Atlanta, released The Peerless Study, an engagement diagnostics platform which seeks to uncover what the company calls the "disappointment gap" between expectations and reality. By doing so, Peerless Performance will use the insights gained to help clients by "dramatically improving culture, associate engagement, internal and marketing communications, and sales strategies to deliver game-changing financial results," says Tina Weede, CIS, CRP, the company's president and CEO.

Pointing to a study by USC's Kenanflager Business School that found that highly engaged employees help firms see a three-year revenue growth of 2.3 times that of firms with average engagement, Weede adds that The Peerless Study goes beyond traditional engagement studies. Using a scientific process, it collects in-depth emotional and cognitive data that will precisely identify "not only how employees feel about key organizational attributes, but how they would like to feel about their personal status in the organization, life balance, sense of purpose, wellness, the organizational mission, value alignment, work environment, and management support," she says. 

Weede, who is vice president of research and content for the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) Foundation board of trustees and immediate past president of Recognition Professionals International (RPI), adds "it's not enough to know that people are disengaged, what you need to know is how precisely to engage them, and in which aspect of their work and life."

By doing so, she says Peerless Performance will be able to create precisely targeted strategies that cover everything from recruitment, learning, and communication to culture-building, innovation, and incentive, reward and recognition program design and fulfillment.