by Alex Palmer | February 15, 2013
Recognizing the growing demand for health-related incentives, global incentive company Parago has launched a new suite of wellness rewards. The range of offerings can be used to encourage employees to take part in healthy behaviors and habits.

The program offers a flexible selection of rewards so that organizations may tailor it to their employees’ specific needs. Award options include a company-branded Visa Prepaid Card with customized wellness theme designs and restricted-network prepaid cards that can be used only at merchnats offering health and wellness-oriented services and products.

Companies can also choose from gift cards for hundreds of national wellness and health merchants, or eGift codes, redeemable for physical or electronic gift cards through a range of health and wellness merchants.

“It’s combining different reward types with different ordering capabilities in a way that we can really be consultative with whatever the client’s needs may be,” said Mike Reynolds, executive vice president and managing director of rewards and recognition for Parago. “We tried to construct a solution that really works without the high cost of a custom solution.”

He added that while the reward offerings are flexible, the activities they reward can also be customized depending on company needs. These behaviors can range from a single action or test — such as a health risk assessment or biometric screening — to more goals requiring a more sustained effort, such as an exercise regiment or smoking cessation program.

The decision for Parago to offer a program tailored specifically to wellness came in part from client demand in response to rising healthcare costs.

“We expect demand for this type of program to continue to grow,” said Reynolds. “This is something that’s very visible out there today and needs to be addressed.”