by Alex Palmer | November 27, 2012
Industry members seeking guidance on the next steps to take as the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) rolls out now have a new tool from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). On Nov. 7, the association launched the PPAI Health Care Planning Tool, a website where visitors can walk through the impact that the legislation will have on their business and themselves.

Released the day after the election, which settled a number of uncertainties about the fate of the PPACA, the tool is meant to help members of the promotional product industry make decisions about their company’s coverage.

“This tool analyzes PPACA and puts it into layman’s terms,” says Anne Lardner Stone, PPAI's director of public affairs. “It’s not designed as a checklist of ‘take these 10 steps,’ it’s more, ‘this is what you need to understand and what we don’t have answers to yet.’”

One of these key questions is the number of employees a company has, which greatly affects their healthcare coverage responsibilities to employees. Stone emphasizes that this question is less simple than it seems, as this number is not based just on how many full-time workers are on the payroll, but how many hours workers are putting in.

Stone adds that it is going to evolve as the law itself rolls out and the statewide exchanges take effect. But the focus of the program will continue to be offering insight to the wide range of companies in the promotional products industry.

“There is no standard promotional products company in our industry — they range from one person to thousands, from two weeks in business to more than a hundred years,” says Stone. “It’s helpful in that you can get a sense of ‘this is where my company is now, we’re not a large employer, but in the future I may be a large employer and these will be my insurance requirements then.’”

The tool is available online here