by Matt Alderton | October 10, 2017
Although people primarily work for money, that's not the only thing that keeps them satisfied. Along with a paycheck, employees crave a positive work experience, according to Globoforce's WorkHuman Research Institute and IBM's Smarter Workforce Institute, which today published the results of a joint survey that reveals what workplace practices most satisfy employees around the world.

Based on data gathered from more than 23,000 employees in 45 countries, the report -- titled "The Employee Experience Index Around the Globe: How Countries Measure Up and Create Human Workplaces" -- says that meaningful work is the single largest contributor to a positive employee experience, cited as important by 27 percent of employees worldwide.

"Humans naturally search for meaning to help guide behavior," according to IBM/Globoforce, who said employers can improve business outcomes by helping employees understand the "why" behind every "what." "Understanding the 'why' behind work helps to align behaviors to a shared mission and values."

Also important, the survey revealed, are:

• Empowerment and Voice: Empowerment and voice were cited as important to their work experience by 17 percent of employees. "Empowerment ensures that employees are active and inspired participants in the workplace. It creates an environment of shared leadership and responsibility in place of traditional command-and-control," IBM/Globoforce explained.

• Feedback, Recognition, and Growth: Employee experience hinges on feedback, recognition, and growth for 16 percent of workers. "As performance occurs in real time rather than through formal and infrequent processes, it expands the notion of performance far beyond the traditional appraisal and training rhythm," IBM/Globoforce said.
• Coworker Relationships: Another 16 percent of workers said social connections are critical to their workplace experience because they create a shared sense of community. "These relationships are the conduit through which many [human practices] flow," IBM/Globoforce said.

The full "Employee Experience Index" report contains country- and region-specific insights. It's available for complimentary download from Globforce's website.