by Alex Palmer | May 15, 2014


revel experiences - 3
Kate Urekew and Stevi McCoy, founders of Revel Experiences

With total U.S. loyalty membership hitting 2.6 billion in 2013 -- a roughly 27 percent increase since 2011 -- loyalty programs continue to attract ever-growing numbers of members. But according to two marketing experts who just launched a new loyalty marketing firm, just getting a consumer to join a loyalty program is not enough. 

Kate Urekew and Stevi McCoy, founding partners of the new Boston-based Revel Experiences, believe the industry needs to deepen its connection to loyalty members -- and they hope their company can be the organization to do it.

"Loyalty can often be a passive action -- a customer is loyal, but maybe they haven't changed their behavior or purchases for the last three years," said McCoy. "Is that really delivering to your bottom line as much as it should?"

McCoy added that Revel Experiences sees its role as helping its clients shift from this passive "loyalty" approach, to more active "engagement." The firm aims to do this through close collaboration with their clients to identify specific behaviors to be influenced -- whether that means increasing the amount of a purchase, extending a trip, or frequenting a brand more often -- as well as customizing offerings to create a more personalized loyalty experience. 

Urekew pointed to an international hotel brand that Revel has worked with in conjunction with a financial services company. Revel created a new product aimed at resonating with the customer base while strengthening the consumers' connection to the brand. 

"The client wasn't as large as their competitor, and we made that an advantage for them -- a way to differentiate," said Urekew. "The results have been great."

The partners come to Revel Experiences with extensive background in loyalty marketing. Most recently, the two were with the concierge and loyalty firms Circles, Sodexo. Prior to that, McCoy served at Reebok developing programs and products to differentiate the brand, while Urekew worked with a digital film company in exhibition and production.