by Leo Jakobson | March 30, 2018
Maritz Motivation Solutions has launched a new creative agency called Cartwheel. The firm will focus on advertising, branding, content strategy, and digital and social marketing campaigns, as well as loyalty and employee engagement programs.

All of the firm's offerings will be based on and leverage Maritz's expertise in analytics, decision science, and behavioral science, says Drew Carter, president of Maritz Motivation Solutions. "Adding the creative expertise of Cartwheel takes our capabilities to another level," he adds.

That grounding in hard numbers based on research and science is increasingly necessary for an agency, says Nick Foppe, Cartwheel's managing director.

"Today, clients in the digital space want measurement: analytics, insights, and return on investment (ROI)," he says, adding that they are "looking for assurance that their marketing investment will be effective."

Beyond ROI, Cartwheel Executive Creative Director Jay Moore notes that this analysis and decision science becomes more and more valuable as firms wrestle with scraping the massive amounts of big data they are collecting for useful insights.

"Big data provides marketers with more information than they've ever had before," Moore says. "Our mission is to help marketers make sense of data analytics and provide behavioral insight to deploy creative for the greatest impact."