by Alex Palmer | May 02, 2014
As the incentive industry works to go beyond anecdotal evidence of what engages workers, Maritz Motivation Solutions has taken a significant step toward making science more central to incentive program design. The St. Louis–based incentive firm announced, in mid April, the inaugural class of Master Designers. The 21 team members of this class have been certified by The Maritz Institute as being able to design an incentive program by incorporating cutting-edge neuroscience and the latest research on worker behavior.

The Master Designer Certification program was launched in an effort to deepen incentive planners’ understanding of program design so that they could provide clients with a higher level of service and greater level of knowledge. The seven-month program requires participants to take part in mentoring, and self-directed education in applying science-based principles to program design. They also attend master classes taught by leading neuroscience educators and experts in design theory. 

“Our Master Designers are leading the way in applying people-centered design to the business challenges our clients face,” said Steve Maritz, chairman and CEO of Maritz Holdings Inc. and founder of The Maritz Institute, in a statement. 

The Maritz Institute was founded with the goal of better integrating human sciences into business and the workplace. The organization’s mission states that its goal is to “unleash human potential by inspiring and enabling people-centered business solutions that create better business and better lives. For more information.”   

Part of its work is also to engage a wide number of the firm’s departments and team members in this more science-focused approach. To this end, members of the inaugural class come from a range of different parts of the organization (including Solution Design, Client Services, Sales, Marketing, and Creative Services), as well as roles, ranging from account executive to design strategist. For a full list of the inaugural class of Master Designers and details about the certification program, click here.