by Alex Palmer | July 17, 2017
Incentive resellers, distributors, and their clients now have new tools to help them run their sales incentive programs. Incentive software firm MTC Performance has announced the launch of a pair of new digital tools to help organizations customize, deploy, and manage their sales incentive programs. The new solutions, Channel Manager Pro and Vendor Manager Pro, aim to automate a range of processes while also engaging recipients and helping organizations grow sales.

Vendor Manager Pro allows resellers and distributors to manage all of their vendor incentive programs on a single platform. Administrators can use the program to communicate with vendors and participants and track progress of orders, while manufacturers can use it as a central location for submitting programs and collaborating with channel leaders. It also allows vendors to measure ROI and access analytics to help them modify their program as needed.

Channel Manager Pro, targeted to clients managing large-scale sales incentive programs, provides dashboards where participants can see their incentive earnings, current standings in a  given campaign, and receive other program alerts. Administrators can use it to run program operations and view the performance of the program using its Business Intelligence functions.

"While the rest of the incentive industry is featuring prizes as the centerpiece of a motivation strategy, MTC has been focusing on building a platform that actually empowers our clients to align program strategy with desired business outcomes." said George Kriza, president and CEO of MTC Performance. "Our belief is that an incentive strategy must be agile and incisive because product life cycles and market conditions are changing at a faster rate than ever before. An incentive toolkit must successfully allow for dynamic market targeting, rapid program deployment, a wide variety of promotional structures, and the ability to create families of programs, without the need for custom programming."

With the rollout of the new offerings, MTC Performance, along with BI WORLDWIDE, announced an expanded partnership with technology distributor Ingram Micro. Ingram's incentive portal, which uses MTC's Pro Series technology, allows distributors to execute and manage multiple sales incentives at a time using a single platform. 

"Motivating our internal teams, along with creating new incentive opportunities for our business partners, is also critical to our success, which led us to ask MTC Performance and BIW to develop an internal sales incentive experience custom-tailored for Ingram Micro," said Sandy May, partner shared services for Ingram Micro. "We are able to leverage this important tool to deliver further innovation and engagement for our associates and partners' incentive experience. MTC and BI WORLDWIDE are a great team and partner to Ingram Micro and we appreciate their contribution in making our customer reward program and portal launch a success."