by Leo Jakobson | September 26, 2018
A trip to a great destination isn't the only thing that will motivate incentive participants -- especially those who are repeat winners. Program designers are forever in search of ways to incorporate "wows" into these trips, and offering a brand name merchandise award experience can do that.

In this free webcast, on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 2 pm eastern, we will hear from two experts with long tenure in the incentive business: Mike McWilliams, vice president of marketing and client strategy for MotivAction, and Chrissie Walsh, account director at One10.

These "merchandise bars" usually offer a selection of products in different styles such as sunglasses, headphones or watches -- things that are small enough to carry home without running into packing trouble. 

A variant on this is a merchandise bar in which a variety of products from different brands are available. And the concept can also be used for larger gifts which will be shipped home after the trip, extending the reward experience. 

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