by Alex Palmer | September 25, 2018
Selecting the right rewards that will appeal to recipients is hardly a new challenge for incentive planners. But as technology evolves and the industry shifts, strategies for choosing impactful rewards also evolve. This is true of every sector of the incentive market, and especially gift cards, where "branded value" awards are more effective than ever at connecting employees, channel partners, and consumers to brands that want to engage them, incentivize them, and build loyalty with reward and recognition programs. 

In this episode of Incentive: What Motivates, we are spotlighting a pair of presenters from our recent webcast discussing these shifts as well as wider movements in the incentive industry and how they are shaping the selection of program rewards.

The first person we speak with is Maggie Wenthe, who has spent more than 18 years in incentives, recognition, marketing and merchandising. As the leader of Marketing Strategy at incentive house ITA Group, she analyzes market trends to develop world-class solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies motivate and engage their employees and channel partners. Here she is discussing how to choose the right incentive reward.

Next is Jignesh Shah, the CEO of Rybbon, a digital gifting platform for marketers and researchers. Shah has helped companies around the world use the power of digital incentives to motivate and reward customers. Jignesh is currently also a board member of the Mid-Atlantic Insights Association. Listen on to learn more.