by Alex Palmer | July 12, 2018

The success of an incentive program rests on many factors. But in the first episode of Incentive's new podcast series, we are shining a spotlight on one aspect of incentive programs that is often overlooked: its marketing and promotion. Because, let's face it: it doesn't matter how great the rewards are or how well-designed the program if nobody knows about it. Getting the word out about an incentive program, targeting your message effectively, and touting the success of those who win is not something that's nice to have in an incentive program, it's central to its success.

So what's it take to effectively market an incentive program? We asked two incentive experts -- Mike May, president and owner of Brightspot Incentives, and Scott Siewert, president of Fab at Incentives -- who offered illuminating and sometimes surprising answers. Would you believe Pablo Picasso and Space Invaders offer insight into incentive marketing? Listen here to find out why.

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