by Alex Palmer | July 09, 2018

Incentive participants have a wide range of preferences when it comes to awards and what motivates them. And in a similar way, our readers have a range of preference when it comes to how they like to get their information about the industry - on our website, through newsletters sent to their inbox or via a print magazine they can toss in their carry-on bag. Now, Incentive is offering one more way to get insights into how to motivate people: the new Incentive podcast.

In this new podcast series from Incentive, we will be covering the numerous factors that shape an effective incentive program, from the goals set, how the program is promoted and targeted, and the ways awards are delivered in order to ensure the maximum impact.

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, each biweekly episode will cover a different aspect of motivation, tapping industry experts for fresh thoughts on do's and don'ts when running a program and learning how to better understand how to inspire people to improve performance and exceed their goals.

The first episode will launch this Thursday, July 12 and will be followed by three subsequent episodes every two weeks. The lineup for this four-part series is:

LISTEN NOW: How to Market an Incentive Program 
We discuss how to roll out an incentive program, keeping participants interested and motivated over the long run, and how to keep engagement going after recipients have been awarded.

JULY 26: How to Measure the ROI and ROE of Reward Programs
We get into some number-crunching with this episode, speaking to industry researchers and planners about how to measure the impact of an incentive program and how to use hard data to make the case for the effectiveness of a program to the C-suite.

AUGUST 9: How to Motivate Anyone
We look at what engages different generations, speaking to industry experts to understand what distinguishes Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers, and what award strategies are most effective for each (and what they all have in common).

AUGUST 23: Incentive Innovation
A look at the latest technology and innovations in tracking performance and delivering recognition, from apps to social platforms to cutting-edge brain science.

As each episode posts it will be added here and on the homepage. Look here every two weeks for the latest episode.