by Alex Palmer | January 25, 2013
The Incentive Federation has launched a new grassroots effort to advocate for the use of corporate incentives. Called Right to Recognize, the program will work to encourage professionals from all areas of the incentive marketplace as well as at client organizations to help educate others about and raise awareness of the value of recognition and reward programs.

The program was soft-launched at the 2013 Promotional Products Association International Expo in Las Vegas that ran Jan. 16-18. George Delta, the Incentive Federation’s attorney, and Jessica Tadlock, its managing director, met with attendees from the incentive marketplace to discuss how they could take a more active role as boosters of the industry — through joining the Incentive Federation, hosting webinars, sharing the group’s message with industry contacts, or reaching out to local legislators. The program will also work to protect tax laws that relate to employee incentives.

“It is imperative that industry players take an active role in advocating for their livelihoods,” said Tadlock.  “Specifically, education does not end with industry contacts. It is necessary to also take time to educate legislators. Legislators versed in industry practice should enable us to protect existing legislation; and when faced with proposals, we believe they will be less likely to sign off on something that may inhibit an entity’s right to motivate and recognize its employees. Should such existing legislation be lost or restrictive legislation passed, it would be to the detriment of all players.”

Draft letters to legislators, including an invitation, thank you, and notification, are available on the initiative’s website,, as well as a link where local congress members’ contact information can be found. At the very least, Delta and Tadlock urged incentive planners to follow the group’s effort through social media updates, by liking the Federation on Facebook and using the hashtag #righttomotivate. 

The Incentive Federation plans to host a press event in late Spring 2013 in Washington, D.C. anticipates hosting a press event in late Spring 2013 in the District of Columbia.