by Leo Jakobson | May 15, 2017
Every year we ask Incentive readers to take a few minutes to participate in the Incentive Corporate Gift IQ survey. Tell us how you are using gifts in incentive, motivation, and recognition programs, why you are giving them, and what you are giving. The results will be published in the July/August issue of Incentive. 

The survey is very short, and shouldn't take more than a few minutes of you time. All participants who are interested will have a chance to win a $250 gift card from Maui Jim Sunglasses! To participate, click here

As well as being informative, the Corporate Gift IQ survey is also the most entertaining research we perform every year. That's because we also ask our readers -- who obviously know a little something about selecting the right corporate gifts -- about the best and worst items they've personally received. 

The responses are always eye-opening, and not just because of the laughs some of the worst corporate gifts bring. It's also a quick education in what not to give. Among last year's gems were a bar-style drink shaker presented to an alcoholic, and "a homemade pie from a dealer's wife ... Blech, too much salt." 

But the key takeaway, of course, is that when it comes to corporate gifts, the thought is most definitely not what counts. The gifts you give represent your company, and express the value you place in your relationship with the recipient. So don't be the person who gave one previous survey respondent, "a logoed pen that broke on the first click. That remains my image of giving company."