August 31, 2018

You give maximum effort when recognizing and rewarding your most valuable employees. Now it's your turn to be recognized. (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY, SEPT. 28)

Enter Incentive's 2018 MOTIVATION MASTERS awards, which celebrate the best, most effective incentive programs. Sales incentives, dealer channel programs, and non-sales initiatives including employee loyalty, engagement, peer recognition, wellness, and safety programs, will all be considered.

Programs of any size and budget that used merchandise, travel, and/or gift cards as rewards are eligible. The main emphasis will be on how the program objectives were developed and the results were measured.

The judges will choose finalists after a rigorous review process. The judges' favorites from each category will be announced as Motivation Masters of the Year, and one company will walk away with the Grand Motivation Master prize.

Incentive will announce the finalists in the Q4 2018 issue, dedicating coverage to this special awards program, and broadcasting the value of incentives, through your inspiring case studies, to its readers and the public. The overall Grand Motivation Master will be announced in the Q1 2019 issue.

Official Rules and Instructions

ELIGIBILITY: Any department, company, incentive house or supplier to the worldwide incentive industry may enter. To be eligible, your plan must have been under execution between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

JUDGING: Judging will be based on the following criteria:

--Effectiveness in achieving program goals (ROI will be an important component)

--Creativity and originality of the program design, marketing, and awards. (Judges will take the size of the budget and the number of participants into account.)

--Tactics employed. 

--Ability to respond to changing circumstances.

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You may separately submite program promotional items or event images (see details below) but please do so ONLY AFTER submitting the online entry form.

The extended entry deadline is Friday, Sept. 28, 2018

Please contact Incentive Executive Editor Leo Jakobson at 646-380-6253 or email [email protected]

NOTE: All entries become the property of Northstar Travel Media, and by entering you agree that Northstar Travel Media may use all the information included in the entry and any information gathered in subsequent interviews with the program stakeholders in all media without further notice.

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