by Alex Palmer | September 09, 2015
Employee and channel engagement firm ITA Group has announced the launch of a pair of new solutions aimed at aiding incentive distributors as well as event planners. The programs expand the offerings of the West Des Moines, IA-based company's existing tools, aiming to give incentive managers a stronger arsenal for providing effective rewards programs.

The first of these two programs, AMP: The Distributor Solution, offers an online portal where all incentive activities are housed, providing real-time monitoring of various award types. The platform aims to allow distributors to get a quick view into all their channel partners' award redemptions -streamlining promotions to customers, as well as orders and expenses with manufacturers.

"Until now, these businesses have never had the option to have both tracking and simplicity in their incentive programs," said Maggie Wenthe, solution manager at ITA Group, in a statement. "Channel incentives have a lot of moving parts and AMP stores them all in one place. It helps you identify the right strategy for your team, hit the right targets, strengthen partner relationships, and maximize profits."

In addition to AMP, ITA Group also just launched SHIFT: Strategic Event Solutions. This program promises a one-stop shop for anything related to events and on-site experiences, helping to create an immersive event. This covers everything from pre-event engagement strategy planning to on-site logistics and production to tracking and post-event analysis of key event metrics such as brand loyalty, conversions, and brand awareness.

"Having an immersive event is no accident," said Jill Anonson, event solution manager at ITA Group, in a statement. "SHIFT builds an exclusive community with intentional content and creative experiences to fuel excitement for your event. Attendees will be talking about it during and even weeks after they head home."