by Alex Palmer | November 07, 2014
A new report finds that the top companies to work for are getting even better. The Great Place to Work Institute recently released its latest research, finding improvements in a majority of the more than 50 countries where the global research and training firm applied its Trust Index -- that is, levels of trust, camaraderie and pride are rising at the best workplaces. Additionally, trust was also up among the World's Best Multinational Workplaces, which the institute also ranks annually.

Titled "The Dawn of the Great Workplace Era," the report attributes these growing trust levels at top companies due to growing transparency, the rise of the Millennial generation, and the realization that strong employee engagement improves business results.

"Evidence is mounting that great workplaces lead to better business results," noted the report's authors, pointing out that, for example, publicly traded companies on the U.S. list of Best Companies to Work For have nearly doubled their performance in the stock market.  "And Italy's Best Workplaces have posted better revenues than their competitors in the same industry for six straight years. In addition, research from Engage for Success, a government-supported initiative in the U.K., has documented a link between employee engagement - which is driven by high-trust workplaces - and organizational performance."

A greater focus on wellbeing in the workplace is among these contributing factors. Wellness incentives and an effort by employers to encourage workers' mental and physical health has helped to counteract the higher stress levels felt by many, according to the institute's findings. 

Calling this further improvement in trust among top companies "The Dawn of the Great Workplace Era," the authors emphasize that the continued improvements at great companies is improving the performance of all companies. 

"Job postings are referencing the culture, the work environment," Ron Thomas, CEO of Great Place to Work Gulf (in the Middle East), said in the report. "In order for companies to compete, it is no longer just the job. Everyone is offering a job, but the one that offers the job in the 'right' environment is the one that will get and keep the talent."

The top 10 organizations on the institute's list of the World's Best Multinational Workplaces are:

1. Google
2. SAS Institute
3. NetApp
4. W.L. Gore & Associates
5. Belcorp
6. Microsoft
7. Marriott
8. Monsanto
9. Cisco
10. American Express

The full report, including all 25 of the Best Multinational Workplaces, and country-by-country Trust Index breakdowns, can be found here.