by Matt Alderton | June 17, 2016
TotalPRO, a recognition and rewards software, has been upgraded with new reporting capabilities that will help organizations fine-tune their incentive programs, Dittman Incentive Marketing announced this week.

The company, which is rebranding as Next Level Performance, a Dittman Company, in August, has added two new modules to the TotalPRO platform. The first module, the Program Activity Dashboard, displays real-time data about managers' and peers' participation in their company's recognition and rewards program, revealing information about unregistered users, recent recognition, and visitor demographics, among other things.

The second module, the PRO Reporting module, lets users supplement TotalPRO's standard reports by creating new reports specific to their needs.

Both modules give program administrators visibility into who is engaging with the company's rewards and recognition program and who isn't, allowing them to gauge program performance and make on-the-fly adjustments in order to maximize participation by managers and employees.

"Our clients rely on TotalPRO as a tool to engage their employees," said Steve Cummins, Dittman's vice president of business operations. "These enhanced reporting capabilities allow them to identify the groups who are engaging at a high level, and those who may need more support and coaching."