by Alex Palmer | September 18, 2015
In an effort to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, Dittman Incentive Marketing announced this week that it is launching its smartphone-friendly Great Rewards Program. The incentive platform, which allows for redeeming and selecting incentive rewards, aims to make the process as convenient as possible for winners.

Designed as a "plateau gift program," the program offers 12 levels of fulfillment options to appeal to a wide range of award winners. It also includes an e-gift card program with 18 prominent brands. The Great Rewards Program site has now been updated with a device-responsive design, so it is more easily readable on whatever device the user is accessing it on - desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

"The new mobile-friendly features and updated shopping mall provide a great way to provide recognition to a colleague or business partner for a job well-done," said Brian Carr, director of individual awards at Dittman Incentive Marketing. "This reinforcement is the most effective way of keeping the workforce engaged."

Program users log into their account using a unique participant code, and can access rewards ranging from $50 to $1,000, depending on what they received. E-gift cards are available in six levels, ranging from $25 to $250. 

This new offering continues the incentive industry's embrace of mobile. This summer, Incentive Solutions released a new mobile rewards app aimed at enhancing program communication and the management of rewards. This is particularly pronounced in the gift card sector, where recipients are growing increasingly interested in mobile cards which can be accessed and redeemed from their smartphone, with companies like First Data adding new mobile gift card solutions. 

With the Great Rewards Program's embrace of mobile, Dittman Incentive Marketing is aiming to make its shopping mall easier to access for an increasingly mobile-savvy workforce.