by Alex Palmer | July 10, 2015
At the beginning of July, Dittman Incentive Marketing announced the launch of a redesigned shopping platform for its TotalPRO customers. The new platform promises a more user-friendly experience as well as an expanded selection of rewards from which incentive participants can choose.

Among the features of the new shopping mall is a simpler, more modern interface that works well on mobile. Recipients can log on to their personalized account and redeem their points for rewards instantly. The company gives the example of a participant visiting a retail store, who is able to log in and order an eGift Card and use it that minute. 

The TotalPRO shopping platform also has a new Wish List function, which allows users to save rewards they have their eye on and redeem at a later date. This offers a chance for added motivation as users will have preselected the merchandise or other items that most appeals to them, encouraging them to reach their points goal. 

All told, the new shopping mall boasts some 30,000 items -- merchandise, eGift Cards, event tickets, and travel offerings. This represents a more robust catalog thanks to the partnership programs that Dittman has launched in the past year, helping increase the total number of brands redeemed by users by 44 percent.

"Implementing the partnership program with suppliers allowed us to offer our customers a wide range of new reward options and to deliver them quickly," said Brian Carr, director of individual awards at Dittman Incentive Marketing, in a statement. "Our new Rewards Mall showcases the merchandise, event tickets and travel options in an attractive way, providing a positive experience for participants, and keeping them motivated for more."

The mall also includes a "What Can I Buy" feature that allows users to filter the catalog into items that they can purchase with the current point earnings in their account. A Popular Items section also helps give participants ideas of what items are getting the most redemptions, with additional sections that rank the most popular merchandise, top brands, and gift cards.