by Alex Palmer | December 04, 2014
Companies seeking ways to encourage channel sales agents to boost their sales of a particular product line or brand have a new tool at their disposal with Agent Rewards. The sales incentive platform, launched at the end of November by Dittman Incentive Marketing, allows organizations to create targeted campaigns aimed at increasing agents' sales goals. 

A manager can use Agent Rewards to create individual sales contests, communicate the details of the campaign to their agents, then track each individual's or team's performance against the customized goals set. Winners can then select their rewards using Dittman's extensive TotalPRO online shopping mall. 

"The challenge with a non-captive sales team is to get more than your fair share of their attention," said Steve Cummins, senior director of marketing and technology for Dittman. "Becoming an emotional favorite is the clearest way to differentiate yourself from their other product lines, and providing well-run sales contests with compelling rewards is a key part of the approach."

He emphasized that Agent Rewards' advantages are in its flexibility. The platform's Campaign Builder houses multiple sales campaigns, each one designed around a dollar amount or a volume of units sold. The goal can be set as a specific threshold for all agents, or individualized "beat-your-best" aims. Similarly, the promotions can be directed at individual sales agents, or specific regions or product lines, and for each, administrators can design different rules, logos, reward levels, as well as a timeline. 

"We designed the Agent Rewards platform to allow a significant amount of customization by the client," said Cummins. "Every company has a unique set of business challenges, which means they have different needs from an incentive platform."

Administrators design each contest using the program's Campaign Builder, scheduling emails and updates to send to agents and uploading production data to help determine when points are awarded for reaching specific goals. 

"Rather than shooting for one large prize at the end of a contest, they can build up points over time, from multiple campaigns, and choose their own reward from an extensive online mall," said Cummins. Dittman's TotalPRO online shopping mall boasts more than 20,000 brand-name merchandise items, gift cards, and event tickets, as well as travel rewards powered by the Orbitz Partner Network for booking travel. "Agent Rewards provides an easy way for agents to track their progress in multiple contests at once, as well as to see which campaigns they are eligible for, and to review the rules."