by Deanna Ting | February 04, 2013

New Brunswick, NJ-based Dittman Incentive Marketing recently debuted Celebrating Success, a recognition and rewards website platform designed for small and mid-size organizations. The site builds upon Dittman’s web-based TotalPRO performance recognition platform, and has no upfront costs. Organizations only pay for the rewards when they are redeemed. 

“Many of our larger clients use the TotalPRO platform to host a variety of incentive and rewards programs,” says Dave Dittman, executive vice president of Dittman Incentive Marketing. “We found there was a need for many groups — in particular small and mid-size businesses - to easily and affordably inspire employees, and motivate them to action. We addressed that need by creating Celebrating Success.”

Celebrating Success can be set up in a day and is available in two distinct modules. The first, a campaign module, provides the ability to post and communicate the rules for any client initiatives offering rewards to participants, which may include sales contests, wellness initiatives, referral, safety, and other programs, The second, a recognition module, includes Dittman’s “Cheers for Peers” program, providing peer-to-peer and manager-to-participant recognition opportunities using themed ecards that can be personalized.

With Celebrating Success, employees can learn about company programs, performance goals, and opportunities for recognition. The website’s points-based platform utilizes “Rewards Mall,” which offers brand-name merchandise, deluxe travel, gift cards, and event tickets.