by Alex Palmer | October 16, 2012
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) launched a new online Workplace Flexibility Toolkit to offer employers, employees, and job seekers with a wealth of information, reports, and case studies to help promote workplace flexibility. Launched on October 15, the toolkit provides more than 170 resources to organizations, including tip sheets, issue briefs, articles, and web site information.
The information is separated into four main audience types: Employee, Employer, Policymaker, and Researcher. The employer category currently offers the most resources, with 114 items available. These include a number of specific toolkits such as “Hiring Veterans” from the DOL, a “Work-Life Tool-Kit” from the Employer Alliance listing a comprehensive series of workplace options, as well as a “Tool-Kit for Flexible Work Arrangements” from Michigan State University.
Also available to employers are case studies, such as telework case studies from accounting firm KPMG and the county of Fairfax in Virginia, as well as selected case studies from Georgetown University, looking at flexible arrangements at Kraft Foods, Texas Instruments, and Eastman Kodak.
Employees who are exploring their workplace flexibility options can read through reports like the “2012 Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work,” from the Families and Work Institute, or “Improving Work-Life Fit in Hourly Jobs,” from the Center for WorkLife Law.
The toolkit, which is funded by the DOL’s Office of Disability Employment Policy as well as its Women’s Bureau, coincides with National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The site aims in particular to offerassistance to job seekers in complicated situations, such as those with disabilities, parents of young children or single parents, mature workers, and veterans.
In addition to separating the information for different audiences, the toolkit also offers resources based on different flexibilitytypes: Time, Place, or Task. Under “Time,” visitors can review 99 resources, including reports like “Improving Work-Life Fit in Hourly Jobs” from WorkLife Law. Under “Place,” they can read a telework factsheet from Booz Allen Hamilton in addition to 63 other resources.